My Interview with Drunk History Creator Derek Waters, Creator of ‘Drunk History’

Welcome back guys. To kick off my interview series, “Tell Me Something”, we’ve got my friend Derek Waters. To call Derek a ‘funny man’ would be false. Wait, I mean, to call Derek a ‘funny man’ would be an understatement…we’ve all seen his creation ‘Drunk History’ on YouTube, most likely while drunk and on YouTube. For those of you that have been living under a rock, in this case a Compaq laptop, then you can watch the brand new episode of Drunk History, starring Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes!


Do you have the ability to create on a consistent basis, or do you find that most ideas come in those rare ‘flashes of genius’?

Hi Jordan. I just wanted to say that.

Luckily I always have an idea for something, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good one.

The problem is getting them done, and or in a place I’m happy with.

Not knowing if an idea is good or not is tough.

I’ve found the way of knowing if an idea is working or not, is when it won’t get out of my head. The ones that don’t work, are the ones I can’t remember. At least I hope those ideas weren’t gonna work. Damn, maybe I wish I could remember them.

Further, how do you maintain motivation to stay hungry and create? What notion drives you to see an idea through?

The act of never being satisfied. I wish I could, but at the same time I’m glad I can’t. I don’t wanna ever NOT have an idea. That’s the scariest thing I could ever imagine. I also get inspired by films/shows that are similar to my taste or introduce me to something I really wanna explore.

What other creative avenue or area would you most want to work in that’s not your main focus? (ie: You may be an accomplished xylophone player, but deep down you really just want to sculpt busts)


I love playing the guitar. I’m not good, but I love playing. I would like to take piano lessons again. My parents told me I would regret it someday. They were right. Sorry Mrs. Kushner, you were a great teacher. No offense.


To me, the best music should either make you want to dance, or make you want to cry. What’s your favorite song to move to? What song makes you sob?

There’s a song called, Wild Hearts by Stevie Nicks. Not the recorded version, but a live rare version on youtube. That video says everything I love.

Stevie doesn’t know she’s being filmed. She’s singing with her backup singer, as her make-up artist works on her. She’s being herself, not doing anything but being her. The song is beautiful. The album version is terrible. It’s way over produced. Now, I say that as a man not in the music industry, but as a fan of ALL music. Listen to it. Tell me if you agree.

What’s been the album you’ve most consistently listened to in your adult life?

TEN by Pearl Jam

Does Steely Dan creep you out?

I don’t wanna do this dirty work no mo.


What’s the one thing no teacher would’ve ever taught you in school, but you wish they would’ve?

Do your own shit. Don’t try to be like anyone else. I always thought you had to do things in the ways people have done it in the past. Some people do, but I truly feel better if I do something that I feel isn’t like anything else. That statement sounds like I’m an asshole, and I’m aware of that. I hope me KNOWING that, makes you understand I’m NOT an asshole. Just a prick. JK (JUST KIDDING) lol (lots of love)

The world is a super scary place. Are you optimistic about the future of it?

Big question here brother.

Man, I don’t know. In some ways I feel great, and others scare the hell out of me. I think human connection is going down faster than anything. Technology gives me a boner AND scares me.

Some of the stuff, actually MOST of the stuff is mind blowing. The flip side is that we are missing out on connecting with actual humans, and most importantly our friends.

We’re losing out on knowing how are friends are, and only knowing what pictures they “Liked” on Facebook.

What happens after we die?

Great question. When we die we go to a place called Heaven. In this sweet magical place, we are put into a theater. Inside this theater we watch our whole life as a movie.

Anyone who has helped or hurt you along the way has to come in and watch it with you.

After your movie is finished, you go to a different theater and watch movies of different lives from the ones you’ve affected. Sounds fun, huh? It’s true. Oh, and I forgot to tell you something else. EVERYONE has one thing in common up there. Everybody LOVES. You are loved, and you love.

Yeah, I got serious. Told ya, I can get serious.