Happy Release Day, Grace Woodroofe!

It thrills me that today is finally upon us. It’s Grace Day in the USA….The incomparable Grace Woodroofe, and more specifically, her album ‘Always Want’ has stormed the American shores with fury today. This is a very special record to me and the family for lots of reasons. Not only is it an absolutely beautiful and whimsically dark experience of an album by the world’s most talented young voice, but it also features myself on drums on and vibraphone, as well as the rest of the Relentless7 brothers (Jason Mozersky and Jesse Ingalls) backing up Grace on their respective glass axes of musical force. Brother Ben Harper was at the helm and produced the furious piece that you’ll call an album, and the aural-wizard Danny Kalb engineered the thing into outerspace….Production help also came from the talented Mr. Justin Meldal-Johnson. And Over the past few months the family has expanded to include other dear brother-colleagues as well, as the incredible Justin Pate (keys), Daniel Marcellus (drums), Aaron Herbster (bass), and Kyle Crusham (all things music) have joined Grace as her live band.¬†As you can see, we definitely kept it in the family.

And The New York Times love Grace too!

Additionally, I co-wrote the tune “Battles” with Grace, which will be released soon as a single.. I think all you grandsons and granddaughters of stan will really like it, I hope.

Here’s a visual taste of the first single “Handled”.

But honestly, this is far too much talk about the album. You just all need to do yourselves a favor and grab the album and give it the olde college listen. and listen. and listen. and listen again. And do it now. Its available everywhere music can be purchased (or enjoyed). like on iTunes here:
Always Want – Grace Woodroofe